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The world of real estate at your fingertips.

Earn the highest net commission starting at 16,000 per million and, for the first time, collect your commission quicker through bank transfers.

One of the many benefits we offer our community is the empoweromics academy. All empoweromics members can partake in a free seven-level Real Estate training program that covers subjects including: Introduction to Sales, Sales Cycle, Prospecting, Psychology, Professionalism, and After Sales.

empoweromics is the only Real Estate platform that transforms property consultants into business owners with zero capital.
All you need to join is your phone!

Propose ideal properties to your clients in seconds! Using our eMP tool, empoweromics autogenerates live comparisons between properties, projects, and payment plans to close your deals faster and more effectively.

Click on our "e-map" and navigate through global Real Estate markets. Our platform provides live access to hundreds of developers, thousands of projects, and tens of thousands of units in twenty-five countries, estimated at over half a trillion EGP worth of inventory.

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empoweromics provides a multitude of benefits that help you excel in the field of Real Estate. Whether it’s our training academy or partnering you with hundreds of developers globally, you’re one click away from attaining the highest net commission available in the Real Estate industry.

Handely is an auto pilot process provided by empoweromics. With Handely, you get to send us your sales lead and the empoweromics support team will send it directly to the Real Estate developer. We do all the follow-ups and notify you with detailed updates privately.

Digitizing the Real Estate
market with our "e-map"

Explore how much you can earn as an empoweromics partner by navigating hundreds of projects on our "e-map". You can easily search by developer or by project and submit your opportunity in a matter of seconds.

Why empoweromics?

empoweromics is a service driven platform with a simple interface that seamlessly fulfills all client obligations. Our primary focus is to give you all the tools you need to become a successful property consultant. By giving you access to tools like our Real Estate Academy, our "e-map", eMP, and the Handely feature, potential clients will find you better informed, connected, and reliable.

About us

Led by a team of experienced industry professionals and technology innovators, the empoweromics team is constantly developing technology that improves productivity, legal compliance, marketing programs, and customer experience to support the best-in-breed property consultants that we partner with.

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